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Emerus Turns to Santéch’s I-Enroll for Faster Credentialing, Onboarding of Emergency Medicine Physicians

Santéch will help Emerus quickly, but thoroughly, vet at scale the credentials of healthcare’s most in-demand professional, the emergency room doctor

Oxnard, Calif.— February 1, 2017—Amid soaring demand for emergency room physicians, “micro-hospital” leader Emerus has tapped Santéch for technology that helps onboard the very best of these providers at health systems across the country, at unprecedented speed and scale. Known as the technology innovator in simplifying Provider Management for both payers and practices, Santéch is equipping Emerus with I-Enroll, a provider data management system that will automate provider credentialing at Emerus customer sites that include some of the nation’s largest health systems.

Typically, onboarding a new physician takes three months or longer; Emerus expects to dramatically reduce this time for its customers with I-Enroll.

“Our micro-hospital model is increasingly popular with health systems that want to improve operations, from the caliber of staff hired to the cost of delivering quality care. Santéch’s I-Enroll solution will help us successfully grow this model, as it enables a key strategy, cost-effectively bringing in highly talented physicians at a new volume and pace,” stated Dr. Dan Middlebrook, Chief Medical Officer at Emerus.

He added, “That will have a significant impact on a community’s quality of care, by reducing or even completely eliminating, in some places, a chronic shortage of emergency physicians.” 

A new capability: Credentialing providers at scale

Although Emerus had several software systems in place to address credentialing and other tasks associated with onboarding new providers, none created the efficiencies for administrators to perform these functions at scale. On the provider side, candidates still had to wade through a thick packet of paperwork, which they’d inevitably delay in filling out and submitting.

Further, none of the disparate systems tracked candidates’ progress in submitting their information, or monitored and measured progress in any other aspects of onboarding new physicians.

“The standard way of handling credentialing can be a drawn-out process that ultimately further distances patients from the providers they need now—not in three or four months. Changing this longstanding reality was essential for Emerus to scale out our own operations and increase ROI, without adding more staff,” Middlebrook noted.

He added, “Santech understands what’s broken about this process, and even more importantly, how to fix it. We make a similar commitment to innovating for the betterment of healthcare, so this is an ideal partnership.”

I-Enroll offers provider organizations a single repository for fast onboarding of new physicians and simplified outreach to payers. A cloud-based solution, I-Enroll centralizes and automates credentialing document management for administrators, while removing a significant burden of documentation for providers. Some of the solution’s features include:

  • Support onboarding and credentialing for multiple facilities and locations
  • Built-in workflow, e-notifications of upcoming expirations, form requirements and more
  • A vast library of state-specific payer forms and applications
  • Auto-population of data across applications, eliminating redundancy
  • Seamless integration to third-party verification services
  • Real-time management, monitoring and measurement of candidate progress and other metrics

This is just an abbreviated list of features within I-Enroll; the solution offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to easily manage provider data across even the largest enterprise. Meanwhile, physician candidates spend far less time on filling out documentation; most of the information they input is auto-populated across different forms, eliminating redundant input of the same data.

“Emergency medicine is a challenging area to keep staffed with the best providers; together with Emerus, we are showing how health systems can significantly improve their provider management to overcome this problem,” said Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Santéch.

He added, “We are very proud to be counted as a trusted technology partner for Emerus, with solutions that bring together providers and the patients who need them.”

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