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Emerus Continues Focus On Innovation In Healthcare Delivery With Adoption Of VeinViewer Technology

HOUSTON – November 17, 2016 – Emerus Hospitals, the nation’s first, largest and most experienced operator of “micro-hospitals,” today announced the adoption of VeinViewer® vein finding technology across 20 of its facilities, with planned facilities to adopt VeinViewer as they open. This innovative technology will improve the patient experience related to intravenous (IV) catheter placement and blood draws.

Emerus, the preferred partner of leading health systems across the nation, provides excellence, empathy and innovation in healthcare delivery. Emerus’ fully licensed micro-hospital-anchored healthplex facilities offer a broad range of evolving coordinated care options, in conjunction with its partners. These include emergency room, primary care, surgery, imaging, pediatrics and other healthcare services in the communities where patients live, work and play.

The adoption of VeinViewer vein finding technology was a natural fit for Emerus.

“Emerus’ focus on patient-centered health care means that we are always searching for ways to make a patient’s time with us more comfortable,” says Dr. Dan Middlebrook, Chief Medical Officer of Emerus Holdings Inc. “We’re excited to offer patients the best in vein finding technology to aid in avoiding multiple sticks, especially for those patients with difficult venous access.”

Emerus has made IV insertions using VeinViewer the new standard of care across all facilities.

Using near infrared light to create a real-time digital image of patient veins on the skin surface, VeinViewer lets clinicians see peripheral veins up to 10mm deep and blood patterns up to 15mm deep, while also locating valves and bifurcations to aid in determining the best point of insertion. VeinViewer reduces the time needed for IV insertion, reduces the use of PICCs by up to 30 percent, and improves first stick success rates by up to 100 percent when placing an IV catheter.

Nurses at Emerus are embracing the futuristic technology. As one nurse noted, the innovative technology saved her “from sticking a patient several times” and that “if a patient appears to be a difficult stick, or has poorly visible veins, then the VeinViewer is used on the first stick.” Nurses have reported that patients are receptive and intrigued by the new technology.

“We’re pleased that Emerus has adopted VeinViewer, thereby giving patients access to the best vein finding technology on the market,” says George Pinho, president, Christie Medical Holdings. “VeinViewer has been clinically proven to avoid unnecessary sticks. A more informed decision for placement of the catheter can help preserve a patient’s veins for future treatments.”

Emerus is the nation’s first, largest and most experienced operator of micro-hospitals. Emerus partners with leading health systems to provide excellence, empathy and innovation in health care delivery through a network of efficient, value-based micro-hospitals. The Emerus network brings high-quality, patient-centric acute episodic and ambulatory clinical services to communities across a given market. This helps patients by positioning best-in-class provider services in the communities where they work, live and play. Emerus’ distinctive level of care earned the Guardian of Excellence Award for Superior Patient Experience in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. More information is available at

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