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Women Physicians Day

đź©ş Today, on #WomenPhysiciansDay, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in medicine worldwide. Join us in commemorating their unwavering dedication, resilience, and expertise that enrich the healthcare landscape. Dr. Rachel George, Chief Medical Officer at Emerus, graciously shares her journey, experiences, and invaluable insights into the medical field. Let’s hear more about her!

What made you pursue a career in health care?
I always knew I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was a teenager. I can’t say that there was a specific thing that drew me to medicine; my mother was a nurse, and my sister also went into medicine, so I am sure that influenced my decision.

What did your journey look like? Where did you receive your education?
My journey wasn’t that unusual. After med school, I completed an internal medicine residency. I think that is where my route deviated from the average. I was asked to take a leadership role soon after residency, and I chose to get an MBA in healthcare administration to learn more about the drivers influencing healthcare as a whole.

Dr George and Family

How do you feel that Emerus is embracing the ever-changing world that is healthcare, and how are we thriving?
Emerus’ embrace of telemedicine is a clear example of how it is leading in healthcare. The challenges we are facing in healthcare, including workforce shortages and ever-increasing costs can be solved if we continue to embrace unique ways to solve those challenges.

I chose Emerus because of what we are doing in terms of using technology to improve the lives of patients and clinicians.

Does the advancement of telemedicine/virtual care present unique opportunities for women in healthcare?
I think the advancement of telemedicine presents unique opportunities for everyone in healthcare. Women are especially challenged because of the added responsibilities they often bear. Telemedicine allows them to continue practicing medicine at a very high level while still being available to their family in a way that isn’t possible in traditional medicine.

Do you have any advice for young women/people looking to pursue a career in medicine and health care in general?
The first thing I tell anyone interested in medicine is to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons—do it for the love of medicine. I also recommend that you find a way to get experience in the hospital to see if this is right for you; volunteer, become an MA and work in a doctor’s office; get your undergraduate degree in nursing (BSN). There is a huge need for healthcare professionals and there are a ton of opportunities for talented and passionate individuals.

Dr George and Family

In celebration of Women Physicians Day, can you share some insights into the evolving role of women in the field of medicine over the years?
Women have come a long way in medicine—we now make up over 50% of medical school classes. Unfortunately, women are still underrepresented in leadership, and we need to close that gap.

Why did you choose Emerus?
I chose Emerus because of what we are doing in terms of using technology to improve the lives of patients and clinicians. We are on the cutting edge of innovation, and we are doing that while providing excellent outcomes, first-class quality metrics, and stellar patient satisfaction.