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A Different Kind of Hospital

For over a decade now, healthcare has adjusted its focus on outcomes to the “quadruple aim”. It serves as a proverbial scorecard for what the collective industry should strive to achieve. These four elements—improved health outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience, and care team well-being—are indeed noble goals. However, anyone familiar with this industry knows that working toward these can be incredibly challenging with costs for care continuing to rise, downward population health trends, and care team burnout at an all-time high. To address this, we need to be leaders in innovation. We need transformational models. We need to step outside the box and create the future of healthcare, together. At Emerus, that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Neighborhood Hospital, a model which prioritizes patient convenience and rapid access to care, right in patients’ communities.

Innovation in Action

In 2018, the Wall Street Journal profiled our model with the headline “What the Hospitals of the Future Look Like”. Since that time, we’ve only increased our impact by making the “hospital of the future” the hospital of the present. We’ve built upon our strong foundation of efficiency and service by advancing our care model and care team structure. We’ve continued to increase our virtually-delivered offerings to expand the scope of care and take operational and cost efficiency to the next level.

Bringing It All Together

Emerus has always had a strong clinical care model; recently, we’ve focused on evolving our approach to virtual integration in our nursing and physician care teams. Through this approach, we can provide increased patient interaction and monitoring and broaden our scope of services, while delivering optimum efficiency for our hospital system partners.

Score Four Your Team

The Emerus integrated care model is breaking the mold of how hospitals can contribute to incredible healthcare outcomes across each of the four quadruple-aim dimensions.

  1. Improved Health Outcomes – By seamlessly meshing in-person and virtual care, we’re able to provide an increased level of monitoring and support for our inpatients. This model also reduces the number of people in the facility, which minimizes the risk of infection and complication. Finally, it increases the ease of collaboration and data sharing, resulting in better care overall.
  2. Lower Costs – The hybrid staffing model allows us to be more efficient in the deployment of resources, bringing specialty expertise on demand. We are able to move patients in and out of our facility more quickly than traditional models, creating the most efficient use of hospital bed capacity.
  3. Improved Patient Experience – By advancing our virtual care model by integrating hospitalist and nursing capabilities, patients benefit from more connection with their care team. While in a traditional hospital setting, a patient will do well to have one daily encounter with the rounding hospitalist, in our model, that number is four interactions per day on average. This increased interaction and consistent monitoring yields more informed and satisfied patients and family members.
  4. Care Team Well-Being – Our model delivers the benefits of a flexible work environment, increased collaboration, and the ability to practice to the top of license. With a hybrid workforce, we’re able to leverage the skills and expertise of each team member to deliver the right care to the right person at the right time.

Reimagining The Hospital Model

Ultimately, what this means to all those we serve is a better care experience.

  • For our patients – the most efficient, connected, and personable hospital experience you can have.
  • For our health system partners – a model that’s a seamless extension of your traditional facilities that provides you with supreme flexibility and care efficiency.
  • For our partners in skilled nursing, long-term care, and specialty care – the confidence and peace of mind that your patients will receive best-in-class treatment and be returned to your care in the most efficient way possible.
  • For our team members – the ability to maximize your skills and abilities in a comprehensive, flexible, team-based environment.

And for everyone seeking a better hospital experience, we hope you’ll join us—in the future.

Questions? Curious about the Neighborhood Hospital model? Contact our Business Development team at [email protected].