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Celebrating Mother’s Day at Emerus

This Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating the extraordinary bond shared by some of our very own mother-and-child healthcare duos. Beyond their shared dedication to healthcare, these remarkable pairs embody a profound connection that transcends the workplace. Get ready to be inspired by their stories of teamwork, love and compassion as we honor them, and all mothers, this Mother’s Day.

Toni, left mother, and Jake, right son.

Meet Toni P. (mother) and Jake P. (son) both Radiology Technologists at INTEGRIS Health Community Hospitals in Oklahoma City, OK.

“In 2006, amidst the chaos of raising two sons and seeking a career change, I stumbled upon radiography, trading my love for photography for a new path. As I navigated the challenges of school alongside my sons’ middle school adventures, little did I know that my eldest, Jake, would follow in my footsteps.

Fast forward to 2016. Jake graduated from his own radiography program and dove into the intense world of medical imaging, specializing in CT scans at a Trauma 1 facility. Our parallel paths in the field led to lively exchanges of stories and experiences, despite our differing shifts.

Then, in a serendipitous turn, a friend’s career shift opened doors for both Jake and me at Emerus. Suddenly, we found ourselves working under the same roof, albeit on opposite shifts. Yet, our schedules still allow for precious moments of overlap, making those days extra special.

For me, working alongside Jake isn’t just about the convenience of sharing snacks or the expertise he brings from his Trauma 1 experience—it’s about cherishing the bond we’ve forged over the years. And I suspect Jake feels the same way. Our time together at work isn’t just about the job; it’s about enjoying each other’s company and the unique connection we share as mother and son in a profession we both love.”
Toni and Jake 2

Ashlynn, left daughter, and Aaleahya, right mother.

Another amazing family duo joins us from Las Vegas, Nevada, both Patient Access Specialists at Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Neighborhood Hospitals. Even though they may not always work the same shift, they are still some of the first friendly faces our patients see as they enter those doors.

“The examples my mother set forth guided me to where I am today. Growing up, my mother had always worked in the medical field. She worked long days. Many days I could tell she came home exhausted, but she never complained. Her passion for helping people in need never diminished. I could tell she truly loved her career. Following in her footsteps was simply a no-brainer. That’s how I chose my career, or how my career chose me. We usually work opposite shifts but when we work together, we make a great team. We already know what the other is thinking, which allows us to do our work quickly and effectively.” – Ashlynn, Daughter – Patient Access Specialist

“It was an easy choice to work in the medical field. Helping others in their time of need is a very rewarding feeling. There is never a dull moment in my career. Things are always evolving, allowing us to grow and continue to learn. I have been in this field for over 30 years, and I’m still going strong. Working with my daughter, Ashlynn, has been an amazing experience. We work extremely well together as a team.” Aaleahya S – Patient Access Specialist
Ashlynn and Aaleahya