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Tomball’s Community Hospital [Living Magazine]

Emerus Community Hospital brought their unique vision of healthcare for today’s families to Tomball when they opened in February 2014. In addition to providing emergency medical care with the convenience, efficiency and swift “door-to-doctor” time of a stand-alone ER, Emerus is also a “micro hospital” that offers emergency and inpatient care, comprehensive lab services and a full radiology suite.

Taking their roots in the Tomball community to heart, Emerus extended their vision beyond medical services to become a community-based hospital in every sense of the word. They committed to providing support and presence at several local events and charities in 2014 and put their plans into action.

“The Tomball community has certainly been good to us, so it only makes sense for us to give back—to reinvest and support,” said Emerus Regional CEO Mike Kohler. “We were honored to be actively engaged in the community in 2014 and look forward to maintaining our involvement in 2015.”