The Future of Nursing Care is Here

Introducing Virtual Resource Nursing (VRN)

By offering Virtual Resource Nursing (VRN) services, we can improve efficiency, patient satisfaction, safety, and care quality.

A commitment to excellence is rooted in three core functions that help redefine healthcare:

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Reduced Admissions Time

Streamlined Discharge


Admission and Discharge

Direct communication with the patient and family to complete medical history, plan-of-care implementation, medication review and discharge teaching and education.

General Nursing Practice

Medication inquiries, e-Consults, and second opinions for complex patient conditions.

Wound Care

Assess and stage wounds, tailored treatment recommendations for dressings, effective cleaning techniques, and vital pressure relief strategies to ensure optimal healing.


  • Average of 10 years of critical care experience
  • Comfortable navigating multiple EMR systems and applications
  • Patient care support for bedside staff
  • Strong technical, assessment and verbal skills


  • Acute Care
  • Admission & Discharge Management
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Situational Awareness & Cognitive Stacking

Personal Attributes

  • Personalized virtual support
  • Quickly builds rapport with bedside staff, patients and families
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Quick assessment when intervention is necessary
  • “Expert” rank on Benner Model


Telehealth care unlocks provider capacity by combining staff expertise with a team of world-class specialists who are fully licensed.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve frictionless patient flow
  • Reduce bottlenecks at at key transition points from admission to discharge
  • Improve quality and safety for patients
  • Increase patient satisfaction



  • Interacting directly with patient/family to complete:
    • Admission history
    • Medication review
    • Plan of care implementation
  • Scribe admission assessment


  • Interacting directly with patient/family to complete:
    • Discharge teaching
    • Medication review
  • Update and review discharge sheet and education


  • Participate in daily interdisciplinary rounds
  • Promoting work that facilitates throughput, quality, patient safety, and continuity



Virtual Resource Nursing (VRN) is Here for You and Our Patients