We often speak of The Emerus Way – of the importance of giving back and serving others. As a company, we have established numerous programs that support this mission and provide opportunities to contribute our technology, our dollars and our time to the people and communities we serve.

Today, I am excited to share with you an opportunity we are creating in which our knowledge, experience and collective brain power can benefit young people who want to enter the health care/medical field. Our vision is to positively impact future generations of health care professionals by instilling in them a patient-focused, innovation-driven commitment in which health care is viewed as a calling.

The Emerus Health Care Enrichment Program will provide a structured, formal educational opportunity for junior-to-senior-level high school students to:

  • Have a better grasp of the full health care experience
  • Understand roles and education of health care workers
  • Acquire skills and experiences that will assist them during their continued educational
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Emerus’ unique position in the health care market
    Understand the importance of charitable work in medicine, and health care as a calling.

The program will include an opportunity to travel and do volunteer work for a week in San Antonio and Horizon City. In San Antonio, participants will visit and work in a cadaver lab – where they will receive instruction in anatomy and learn the safety guidelines and rules of conduct in the lab. In Horizon City, students will have the opportunity to tour and volunteer at Project Vida, which serves the impoverished colonia communities of East El Paso by providing prevention and health education programs.

This first four-week pilot program will begin in June. Please consider this program if you have a son or daughter who is either entering their senior year of high school in fall 2016 or graduating in spring 2016, and they have a serious interest in pursuing a career in medicine. The application process includes submission of either a 60-second iPhone video answering three questions, or a 300-word essay. Costs of the program are eligible for reimbursement, if need is documented. Additional details are being finalized. Deadline to apply is May 2.

Every day, behind the scenes, the Leadership Team and Soul Team committee are working to develop initiatives that give greater meaning to The Emerus Way. In a future message, I’ll provide details about a proposed Culture Ambassadors Program that will take the lead in creating excitement and encouraging people to become active participants and advocates of The Emerus Way.