How is the Emerus culture/environment different from other hospital systems where you’ve worked?

I enjoy the closeness of the system here, and having more time with patients. This hospital is very close to home, and I like being close to my community. We have more freedom for patient/physician-centered medicine.


What is your favorite past time/hobby?
I really enjoy being outdoors, and I love sports. I have six kids now and play a lot of sports with them. I try to stay busy being a coach and father. My wife and I enjoy working out, so we do that together at least three or four times each week. Growing up, I was an avid snowboarder, and that’s something I still really enjoy, although I don’t get to do that so often living in Texas.

What inspired you to choose the medical profession?
I come from a family of six kids. My mom is a nurse, my older sister is a nurse, my two brothers-in-law are physicians and my dad is a psychologist. Helping people out has always been a theme at my house. When I was 19, I served a religious mission in Ecuador for two years. There were a lot of sick people there, and I remember a point where I just knew I wanted to do something in medicine. I wasn’t considering becoming a physician – I was actually thinking of going into nursing because I enjoy helping people.

Fun Fact:
When I was in high school, I considered a profession in snowboarding. I’m glad I decided to go to college, instead! So, I went to school, and here I am.